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Baraat’s main goals is to introduce you to others like you who are on a search for their prospective partners. That’s why we have an extensive search form that gives you the control you need to find the right match, every time.


One of the main features of our site is that it secures and ensures privacy is never compromised. Not only is your information safe, but you control what you want other members to see through our profile visibility feature.


Your exclusive member dashboard is clean and provides you with the tools to start connecting with other members. From photo uploading to searching to “befriending”, your member dashboard is your gateway to success.



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Baraat is a small investment,
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A great question. Baraat Matrimonial has existed for many years. It’s only now that it is going online and the word is getting around. Due to its history and rapport, we expect membership wil climb. From where you stand, we believe that’s reason enough!
Use the basic search to search for prospective partners. If you like what you see, sign up! Get access to a dashboard where you can connect with others privately.
We have taken measures to ensure that you are protected when you register and when you are engaging with other members. We give security and privacy priority!
For your security and privacy, Baraat does not reveal certain details about your profile no matter what. Your street address, zip code, phone number, email address, and last name are hidden from other members. You can obtain this information from those you connect with directly.
Unfortunately, at the moment, we do not offer a trial period. However, we have an awesome introductory promotion going on! Find out more
Contact us! We can help you with the website and your profile. We are not just here to offer a platform. Rather, we are here to help you find your soulmate!

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